Welcome to Dr.Terry Smith's All Sports Medicine Clinic, home of the fastest recovery for sports injuries.

"We know that it is our purpose to provide the world's best athlete care. Through precise and thorough diagnosis and the application of the most effective treatment techniques for that diagnosis, we will return the athlete to their highest level of performance in the shortest amount of time, many times with the athlete emerging stronger." -Dr. Terry Smith

If you've been told "your season is over", or "you need 4 weeks off", or "there is nothing you can do", just book an appt. with me, we may just surprise you with some better news.

The difference between my treatment style and the treatment that you have been used to receiving is that I will treat you and your injury exactly as it responds to therapy. With my special muscle work and specific joint movement therapy, your injury may heal faster than the average athlete, and that means we can get you back on the field of play faster.  If your body responds fast to my specific techniques, then we increase your activity, and get you back to game speed at least 50% faster.  

 Please look at the tabs above to find out what might be your problem, then come in and lets get a REAL PLAN on how to get you back and dominate your sport! 

Your Body NEEDS Balance. If anything gets too far from normal, problems begin... We have discovered many easy tests that tell you exactly what food to eat and what supplements your body is craving.

Optimal Health is not simply the absence of disease. It is not a steady state in which we are merely getting by. It is the state in which our body is regenerating and gaining from the demands we put on it on a daily basis. When given the proper nutrients, the body will heal and be able to deliver the best performance of mind, body and spirit. 

Health and nutrition will be a topic of confusion and debate for the remainder of our lives. Through the new fad diets and new approaches to health, we must keep a clear mind about the intention of the new approach. It is my intention to do what is right for our health, for my family, friends, clients, and my own health, regardless of what mainstream thought and perceptions might be. 

Science is slow to accept truth because it needs to be given a grant, tested with machines and variables, and then be published in a peer-reviewed journal. A process that sometimes requires years of work even if the process is simple and clearly obvious. Actually it takes around 17 years for something that is published in a respected journal to be implemented into modern medicine. Do you really need to wait for science to state that the sun is coming up tomorrow before you believe that it will? Highly unlikely.

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Contact our nutritionist Ashley Novak for more information about our weight loss program and the HCG diet that has been so successful with our patients. Our office is also home to two massage therapists and three personal trainers that use the gym space to train their clients. Contact information can be found here. About Us

Our Practice

Sports medicine is the study and practice of medical principles related to the science of sports, particularly in the areas of:

-Sports Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

-Sports Training and Athletic Performance, including exercises and sports nutrition.

-Sports Injury Prevention

What We Do

All sports medicine specializes in prevention, diagnostics and treatment of injuries commonly associated with athletics. It is typical for the medical doctors to work primarily with athletes, but they can also be found working in areas of pediatrics, geriatrics, chiropractic, internal medicine or family practice. Their main focus is usually on joints and muscle movement.